Thankfulness Day #17


Today- I am thankful for great food! I’m not on of this girls that doesn’t eat- this gal can put down some food! I’m especially thankful for yummy Mexican food

A lot of great memories are made around the table- laughing with family and friends. And all the great food that goes along with it! Savor food, time with friends, and your time with family.


Thankfulness Day #14


Today, I am thankful for Walt Disney World! I honestly feel bad for people who don’t feel the magic that comes from Disney World. It’s not even something that I can describe. I thought it was awesome when I was child visiting there and all the trips I took as an adult… and then I had my son. To watch the magic come alive through his eyes, now that is true fairy-tale! Read the rest of this entry

Thankfulness Day #11


Books and music- each one can take us to another place and time. Remind us of a memory or a person.

Music can speak for our heart. One of my favorite quotes is “when words fail, music speaks.” Sometimes songs just speak to us, they pull at our heart strings or they forever link friends. Kristi will forever be the “meaning in my life” and “let me clear my throat” will always remind me of road trips in Laurie’s car.

Reading you can ignore what’s going on in “real-life”. You can forget yourself in a book! You can forget who you are or where you are. Instead, you’re transported to the time and place in the book. And when you finish that book, you get to do it all over again in another!