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Why I miss “Dora”


I found this old blog today and just HAD to share it!  I love it and it’s still funny!

October 7, 2008

Okay, so a certain employee has been missing from work for months now, let’s call her “Dora”.  Lately, I have realized that work and my life in general has been less complete without her.  So, I thought that I would come up with a list of reasons on why I miss Dora. Read the rest of this entry

The Good Ole Days


Things that I loved as a kid and/or things I miss today-

Rolling down the hill next to my church

Tearing my tights or getting stains on my clothes and no one cared

Singing 100 bottles of beer from beginning to end over and over just to annoy adults during roadtrips

Garbage Pail Kids cards

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