Why did I start amyunjaded?  What did I hope to gain?  

I found myself at a turning point in my life.  I looked at myself and there were parts of me that I didn’t like anymore.  I felt like I was suddenly someone who I didn’t know and really didn’t care for.  I was constantly trying to please everyone around me.

Years before I even began blogging, I felt like the significant person in my life didn’t want the person that I once was, so I changed.  I thought I was who he wanted.  Obviously not.  I was trying to fit in with the group of friends that he wanted.  Not the friends that I wanted and the ones who I loved.  I was doing everything wrong.

Along the way, I’d lost my moxie.

mox·ie (mks)

n. Slang

1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.


moxie [ˈmɒksɪ]

n- US and Canadian slang courage, nerve, or vigour

So, I decided to start blogging about my life, unjaded, and in the most real way possible.  Raw.  Uncut.  So, that’s what I did.

It’s been more than a year since I’ve been blogging.  While not all of my postings have been editorial like, such as this one, each one of them has helped my on my path of self-discovery.  Maybe it should be followed up with the word ‘again’ because this hasn’t been my first journey of self-discovery and I’m sure that it won’t be my last.  I do hope that it will be the last time that I have to try to find my moxie because I don’t plan on misplacing or hiding it EVER again.  I love who I am, I won’t ever change that to ‘fit-in’ or to make anyone else happy.  The only person that I have to make happy is myself — and my son, but part of making him happy is making me happy.  He will be happy when his mom is happy.

Sure, I had a lot of emotions to work through and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, that’s definitely evident.  First there was anger, resentment, frustration (and A LOT more emotions), but slowly I worked my way to hope, gratefulness, etc.  Maybe the road along the way isn’t what I was expecting, but I ended up in a great place.  I LOVE my life and ALL the people in it.  I’m thankful for seeing my world ‘unjaded’ and for those that I cut out of it after my epiphany because my life is much better for it.  I appreciate those who have been in my life and have loved me.  I appreciate the new people in my life.  I’m truly at a great place 🙂

  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian


  • 01:10:37 I know you’ve got moxie in you yet.

    • Time – Phrase
    • 01:10:32 One of the wires is jammed. I’m going to have to loosen it.
    • 01:10:34 – Here, take the stick! – No! I’m not gonna… No!
    • 01:10:37 I know you’ve got moxie in you yet.
    • 01:10:38 Moxie doesn’t fly planes! People who have pilots’ licenses fly planes!
    • 01:10:42 – Okay. – She’s all yours.



Why I Started ‘amyunjaded’


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