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My friend Kelly posted this to her blog and I love, Love, LOVED it and I just had to share it!  (Thanks Kelly 🙂 )

Dear Me

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My dear friend Sara over at Walking with Angels did a blog post tilted “Dear Me” which was encouraged from the new book Graceful.

Readers are encouraged to write a letter to their teenage self. To be honest I am not sure why at this very moment I feel the need to tackle this, but I do, so I will.

Dear Me,

Love life. Every single second of every single moment.

Learn to laugh at yourself when you do dumb things or make dumb choices (I am sorry to say this one takes you awhile to grow out of.) I promise that everyone is NOT looking at you and if they are, let them – you have so much to offer them! Laugh everyday, it is good for your soul. While you are at it, try to make someone else smile everyday too. I promise you will find in the future that helping put a smile on someone’s face is just as nice as having one on yourself. And some of those friends that you SWEAR will be your BFF’s FOREVER – there are a couple that still are 😉

Learn from the hard times like when mean girls say stupid things to you, or when your coach seems a little to tough on you, or you can’t grasp that algebra equation (and you are right – you will NEVER need that in the real world!) or when your heart is broken for the first time. Yes, this one hurts bad…..unfortunately it will not be your biggest heartache. But learn from these hard times because they are going to make you a stronger, better version of yourself.

Learn NOW that your family is AMAZING. I can’t even begin to tell you how unbelievable mom and dad are. Do not take them for granted. Listen to their advice, do not be “too cool” to hang out with them….ever. They gave you life and live each day loving you, in the future you will see exactly how much they love you and sacrifice and even move to be closer so that they can be involved daily with your kiddos (Yes, you become a mother of two BEAUTIFUL super special kiddos!) – and you know what? mom and dad are even MORE awesome at being grandparents than they are at being parents.  Speaking of family – Kristin remains your best friend – always. Be there for her – always. Not many people can say that their best friend has been there forever – I mean literally – sharing a womb! There will be fights (but not many) get through them and grow from them. You have no idea of the laughs, love, and support through life she is going to provide for you.

Learn from each job you have, as you work as a pharmacy tech pay attention to details of the prescriptions, as you become the life coach for an AMAZING young lady with Down Syndrome  focus on her abilities and encourage her to do more than even she thinks possible (and soak in that giggle, it is life changing!) As you wait tables through college, learn patience and acceptance (you meet some interesting co-workers!) As you volunteer with a set of twins, both with disabilities, you get offered a full time job doing their physical therapy 9 hours a day….TAKE THAT JOB.  You will learn more about strength, patience, endurance, and hope during these two years than you ever thought possible – but pay attention to the boys’ mom too – she has more to teach you than you realize in that moment. It is funny how God has a way of preparing you for your future, you just can’t see it.

Speaking of God – you have an amazing opportunity to go to a Christian college – go – learn – you will meet some of the most inspirational people in your life there. Study more. Soak it all in. Live it.  (College is one of those times you laugh ALOT by the way….enjoy every single second of every single day you are there)

There will come a time where the most heartbreaking of circumstances will introduce you to the most amazing, loving, encouraging people in your life – you will learn lots through this phase of life but that my dear is for another letter……….

PS At age 35 you complete a 1/2 marathon at Disney World…….what?! you do!! stop laughing….you do… have an amazing source of inspiration that gets you through….and you LEARN that you are tougher than you think 😉


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