Perspective & Positivity

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A person’s perspective is so important and can influence every part of a life.  Seeking out the best in life, the positive things in your life or even taking a different angle at the negative in your life can make a huge difference. Looking at our life is kind of like looking out a window.  Sure, sometimes the window gets dirty, but if move around maybe we can find a cleaner spot, or move to another window, or take it into your own hands and clean the window off!

I’m an eternal optimist, sometimes annoyingly so.  Sure, things irk me off, I get mad, but I don’t dwell on that.  I might get upset, but I don’t hold onto it.  Once I’ve dealt with it, it’s gone.

Also, people might not get or even like my sense of humor, but I honestly try to find humor in every part of life.  I mean what’s the fun in life if you’re not laughing?!  Life is what you make of it, so you might as well make it fun and enjoyable and laugh your way through it

Maybe people don’t understand me, or maybe they still see me as that hyper girl of the past, or maybe they see the things that I post to Facebook and see that as how my life is.  My life is pretty amazing and I know it.  And just because a negative thing happens here and there, that’s NOT where my life is at.  My life has been wonderful, is in a wonderful spot and it’s going to stay there.  I’ve had some awesome things happen in the past and a couple of negative things don’t make it any less wonderful and no negative things that happen now or in the future are going to stop my life from still continuing to be wonderful.

Words definitely influence perspective; that I know for sure.

So, this is my life.  Facebook or what you think you know about me isn’t real life.  I’m a real person and this is my real life.  And it’s pretty great!



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  1. This is something that I am working really hard at! I try to find the humor in everything, and laugh at myself at all times. But sometimes it doesn’t always take. I love that you’re an eternal optimist and I would love to nominate you for The One Lovely Blog Award for this – Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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