Bullying of an elder


Bullying is everywhere these days. Despite such an enormous public outcry, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It seems to be getting worse- or maybe the media’s spotlight on it has just brought it to the forefront…

This morning I was completely shocked while watching this clip on YouTube.

What kind of children are being raised in today’s society? Where this type of action might even just cross the minds of our children- let alone actually following through with this despicable behavior.

I can guarantee that if I ever even THOUGHT about doing that, my parents would’ve corrected it swiftly and I probably wouldn’t have been able to sit for a week. But, my having prior knowledge and understanding about what was expected of me and what the punishment would be if I didn’t meet those expectations, is probably what kept me from even thinking about such despicable behavior!

Another factor that I find disgusting is that CHILDREN would ever treat a person of that age and life experience in such a manner! Have we no respect for our elders?! How dare those children treat an elder so awfully?! Who do they think they are? Or maybe they didn’t think at all?!

My heart broke for the woman when she started to cry. Which the kids just laughed harder at and seemed to feed off of. What have children been taught if they have no empathy for someone who is crying?

Quite honestly, it’s hard to blame anyone besides their parents… Such behavior can only be an utter reflection of them.


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  1. THIS TOTALLY MAKES ME SICK! What in the world is wrong with these kids? I can’t believe there have been no formal apologies from the kids or their families. I would have marched my kids down there so fast their heads would spin! (Not to mention, they wouldn’t be able to sit for awhile.) The parents of these children should be ashamed.

  2. Wow… what is even more sad… is that parents have no clue because they are not being parents. And I agree… I knew what would happen to me if I talked like that. I keep saying that they need to being punishments back to schools. I remember my teachers in first grade smacking knuckles of kids hands when they would talk back. Our principle was allowed to spank children with bad behavior. Another issue is… child protection advocates. I’m not saying it’s right to beat a child… but damn… there is nothing wrong with a good spanking to teach them a lesson. Children are not “scared” of their parents anymore for their bad behavior, because they know their parents can’t touch them. And once the parent does… the child will make a big deal out of it and then you have the school board and police doing investigations.

    Another issue is the school itself. Schools are being told left and right about bullying that is going on, and they school just ignores it. They say they’ll look into it just to put peace in your mind, but they aren’t doing anything about it. Schools and Parents are the worse corporates of these events. Lack of good parenting (teaching of right and wrong and actually going through with bad behavior punishments) and the schools lack of following through with bullying complaints. It is sickening that schools just seem to not care.

    Bullying has been going on for centuries… but it seems like in the last decade… they have gone from light hazing events to all out jumping and cursing someone. And the kid being picked on are afraid to stand up and fight… because bullies do not fight far anymore either. It’s not one and one anymore… you fight once with your bully… they come back with all their friends. Now its one on six+. So what do you do… one kid brought a taser gun to school. Probably not the right answer, but it sure as hell got the school board in the spotlight to do something about it. The press has been all over that event.

    Something does need to change… and quickly… because right now, the kids getting picked on aren’t all resorting to weapons yet… but I have a feeling that will change if they feel that is the only way to protect them… which is sad. Remember Columbine? That was a result of a kid being picked on wasn’t it??? And that was his retaliation! That was over a decade ago… and nothing has changed. If anything… it has became worse.

    I just hope we find a solution before more schools have died students and everyone wondering what happened…

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