Guest blog- TO A NEW ME!!! Week 8


Today is officially Week 8 of my 90-day challenge!!!! I have 4 more weeks to go!!!! Weigh in results for today.
Down 1.5lbs for a total of 28.5lbs lost in 8 weeks! Down 3 inches for a total of 19.5 inches in 8 weeks! I’m really shocked and happy with my results this week. As you read last week, this past weekend we took our daughter to Chicago to visit the American Girl Doll store for her birthday! We had the TIME OF OUR LIFE!!! We went up Saturday afternoon, met friends for dinner, hung out in Millennium Park, went to Navy Pier, rode the Ferris wheel, and saw fireworks! Then Sunday, we spent the day at American Girl and Water Tower mall! It was sooooo much fun, but it was definitely a change from my daily/weekly routines of being on the challenge! Sydney had a special birthday lunch at the American Girl café where we were treated like ROYALTY with a 5 course lunch and a GINORMOUS cake to celebrate! Sydney picked out her doll and named her Natalie!!!!!

Anyway – so this weekend was just crazy and fun and we had a REALLY GREAT time. I am pleasantly surprised that I lost weight this week..especially 1.5 lbs. It’s the lowest amount of weight that I have lost in 1 week so far on my challenge BUT none the less – it was a LOSS and not a GAIN or a MAINTAIN – so I am one happy girl!!!!!

ALSO – GUESS WHAT YOU GUYS?!?!?!?!? Obviously if you know me, or you are friends with me on Facebook or whatever – you probably know that I have decided to PROMOTE the challenge. What this essentially means is that I am getting paid from Visalus to promote the challenge and help people lose weight. Not only did we spend the weekend in Chicago with our little GIRL – BUT – on Saturday morning, I became B.M.W qualified!!! I am officially now a Regional Director – working my way to National Director this month! I qualified for this in 6 weeks. Holy COW. I could not be more surprised, happy, grateful, ecstatic, CRAZY, ANYTHING!!!!! Deciding to join the challenge ( I thought) was the best thing that I have ever decided to do, but deciding to PROMOTE the challenge has been EVEN better!


Every week, I have friends that send me their “weekly contributions” to my blogs.. whether it’s pictures or motivational things or what have you. This week’s awesome contribution is nothing short of T.R.U.E……

Excuse my French on the posting, but as you all know, I generally talk like a sailor (of course, not at work or around Sydney).. but yea. Don’t excuse the French.. it’s TRUE! LOL

I have 4 weeks left on this challenge (and I have already decided that I am doing ANOTHER challenge) because I have about 40 more pounds that I want to lose and LORD KNOWS that it’s not going to happen in 4 weeks – OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH – plus in T-minus 3 weeks – THIS GIRL is going to VEGAS!!!!!!

My goal for next week’s weigh in is to have my weight start with a 18? Instead of a 19?! J

Thank you all so much for your support!!! It’s been nothing short of amazing and I am ever so grateful!

I love the VI-Life!!!!

Until next Thursday,

A 28.5lb less Lindsey


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