Guest blogger: to a new me! Week 3.1


I just had to stop in real quick and let everyone know how FLATTERED am I that soooo many of you are “taking this journey with me” by reading my blog and waiting for my results each Thursday!!!
! I know some of you have been wanting to get more information on what I’m doing – how I am doing it – and maybe even want to start a 90-day challenge of your OWN!~ Right now, I am personally inviting each and every single solitary one of you – and your friends and your best friends and your family and your co-workers and whoever YOU WANT TO BRING… to my house this Saturday night!!! I’m hosting a 90-day challenge party at my house!!!

What does all this mean, Lindsey!?!?! OK—-breaking it down for you right here:
1.) You come to my house with 10 of your friends (ok.. maybe not 10, but you can come by yourself, with your spouse, with your friends, or with whoever you want)
2.) You will get to taste the AMAZING shakes that I get to have (twice per day) EVERY SINGLE DAY and realize how FREAKING AWESOME they are…
3.) You will get to meet some INFLUENTIAL people within the Visalus community who WILL BE at my house on Saturday.
4.) You will hear real-life (ok, real people here… not.. website people or whoever) stories of this product, why myself and other people are on the challenge and how this challenge is CHANGING THEIR LIVES!!!!
5.) You will be provided with information on how to START your 90-day challenge and meet people who will be ON THIS JOURNEY with you
6.) You will learn how SUPPORTIVE this community is, along with, HOW EASY it is to lose 12.5 (and counting) lbs in 2 weeks

SO…. With that being said…. There are MANY ways to contact me for my address: (because you know I am not posting it on here b/c I truly don’t know who reads this blog.. and not gonna lie here when I say that I’m not trying to get killed or anything)………
1.) You can contact Amy and she can put you in contact with me via Facebook
2.) You can try and find me on Facebook, but rumor on the street is that I’m pretty hard to find b/c I have my settings set to “not exist” on facebook
3.) You can go to my website: and fill out the “request additional information” section and provide me with your contact information at which point, we’ll talk
4.) You can call or text me at 574-315-2319 (so.. b/c this is my cell phone… I am NOT trying to have bogus, weird, telemarketers, bill collectors, the indy star or ANY other weird people calling me)… Even though I know ZERO of you.. I’m kind of trusting you right now that I don’t have weird people calling or texting me that I won a $1000 Best Buy gift card or something ridiculous….

SO… The party is this Saturday, May 5th at 6pm at my house. This is YOUR PERSONAL invitation TO A NEW YOU…. Right from the source of it all. I’m telling you right now that this is LIFE CHANGING and if your that person who’s been waiting for the invitation to LOSE WEIGHT and FEEL GREAT…..then THIS IS IT. Invitation right here people. From: Me….To: You. I’m not sure how much simpler it can get!!!!

I look forward to TRULY being on this journey with EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. If I can do it… ANYONE can do it!

Until Thursday…….


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