The Good Ole Days


Things that I loved as a kid and/or things I miss today-

Rolling down the hill next to my church

Tearing my tights or getting stains on my clothes and no one cared

Singing 100 bottles of beer from beginning to end over and over just to annoy adults during roadtrips

Garbage Pail Kids cards

Strawberry Shortcake

Family ski trips

Watching every single IU basketball game on TV

Roller skating in my basement Cabbage patch kids

My grandmother’s cooking

Secretly throwing my mother’s cooking into the garage for the dog

Spending an entire summer outside playing

My brother, sister and I “camping” in our hall closet

Knowing it was time to go home when the street lamps came on

Eastland Shoes

Entire nights playing “Eliminator”

Eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted

Ignorance to “real life”

Jumping Rope, tag, hopscotch, Heads-up 7up, red rover, dodge ball, kickball, flashlight tag, etc.

“Teen scene” dances in jr. high

Showbiz Pizza SNOW DAYS!

Building Forts

The “Macy’s” game that I made up and played in the basement

Christmas gatherings with extended family

Field Days

Brand new school supplies on the first day of school

Sleepovers with friends

Handstand competitions in a pool

Flight of the navigator movie

Monopoly (or other board game) tournaments with my brother & sister

Having no worries or responsibilities

Playing in the rain during the summer with a bathing suit on

Climbing Trees

My giant swing set and grapevine

School sporting events

Spending an entire weekend with friends watching movies that we rented from Blockbuster

Having the entire movie theatre put their hands up pretending to ride the rollercoaster in the opening credits

Singing badly at the top of my lungs in the car

My old “blue bug” car

The classic Nintendo- dying on super mario brothers and having to start completely over, duck hunt, game genie, etc.

My room “magically” cleaning itself, clothes magically washed, and clothes magically ironed

All of my best friends lived with in a couple blocks radius

What are some things that you loved as a child? What are some things that you now miss?


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